Hi! My name is Richard Apeldoorn and I'm a photographer based in The Netherlands. I eat, sleep and breathe photography. It's my calling and profession. I specialize in fashion and advertisement photography. I try to apply my style to the images I create through look and feel. That's why I tend to experiment in my recreational work, by playing with lighting and subject approach for example.

Generally, I work with a team of several make-up artists, stylists, hair stylists and models. I believe that high levels of creativity can be achieved through teamwork, which is one of the reasons I love creating images with other artists. Together, we manage to take each image to another level. A professional photograph requires more than just an expensive camera. In my experience, the quality of the image is directly related to the team and skills behind it. As a team, it's crucial that we're on the same page. Being part of a team helps me appreciate the importance of communication and respecting colleagues' input.

Not all of the projects I'm involved with require a creative team. I also work solely with clients, making my main priority communication and understanding their needs. I love to find out what moves and interests each individual client and incorporate this in my work, so that I can “wow” them with the final product!

I am also the owner of a commercial photography business called Business Beelden. We offer multiple business photography solutions like fotomarketing. Here's a link to the Business Beelden website